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Pied Piper Identity


Brand Story

The Pied Piper logomark is both a representation of what our product isand an abstract nod to the origin of our name. The four vertically-shrinking circles symbolize data compression (big made smaller), as well as an abstraction of a leader and followers. Much like the Pied Piper drew followers with his music, we draw followers with our unique middle-out compression solution.


Color Palette

The Pied Piper color palette pairs an energizing brand orange with comforting cooler hues. We want our customers to feel excited about our efficient technology and assured by its quality.


Brand Pattern

A dot pattern that vertically decreases in scale extends the logic of the logomark into a graphic that can be used to accent various brand materials. It can be overlayed on brand colors or in some instances, photography. 


Brand voice

Our voice in all communication should carry a sense of confidence and point back to our brand story and product:

 Tshirt Design

Tshirt Design

 Website Homepage Design

Website Homepage Design

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